Better Rest for a Better You

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Solutions

Healthy sleep makes for a healthier, happier you. That’s why in 1999, Dr. Kary Karahadian began offering dental snoring and sleep apnea solutions. He saw patient after patient suffering from the debilitating effects of snoring and sleep apnea and recognized the opportunity to offer yet another way to support health and wellness in their patients.

The doctor is experienced in identifying and treating snoring and sleep disordered breathing. He prides himself in partnering with Fresno’s finest sleep physicians to find sleep solutions that enhance patients’ health while bringing them total comfort and convenience.

Nighttime Solutions – Daytime Wellness

Oral appliance therapy is a great alternative or additional therapy for many snoring and sleep apnea sufferers!

We offer a variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of our patients. If warranted, the doctor will partner with your physician or a sleep center to better help you get the rest you deserve.

Oral Appliance Therapies

We offer a variety of custom made sleep appliances to help us find your most comfortable and effective fit.

  • TAP 3 Appliance
  • Somnomed
  • Moses Appliance
  • Narval

Many patients find immediate relief with one of these custom-made splints. They treat both snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea by gently moving the jaw forward. This forward movement tightens the soft tissue and muscles of the upper airway, which prevents obstruction of the airway while you sleep. The tightening created by these devices also prevents the tissues of the upper airway from vibrating as air passes over them – the most common cause of loud snoring.

Patients with severe sleep apnea may need a combination of treatments, including using an oral appliance with their CPAP to allow for more comfortable rest and less air pressure from their CPAP.

Sleep Testing

Sleep testing can be done at home or at the sleep clinic. We pride ourselves in working with the best sleep physicians to help you solve your snoring and sleep apnea problems.

What If I Have a CPAP and Can’t Use It?

A number of people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and were prescribed a device still suffer from sleep apnea. Why? They just can’t tolerate their CPAP.

While a CPAP, also known as a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device, is a lifesaver for some people, some patients simply can’t sleep wearing the bulky mask. Others feel that they can’t breathe with the air pressure that is forced into their mouths and nostrils. And yet others say their spouses or partners have stopped sleeping in the same room with them because of the noise the CPAP machine makes.

Our palm sized, prescription oral devices works well for patients suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea. And because they are so small they can easily be tucked away in a drawer when they are not used or packed in an overnight case for travel.