Hear From Our Patients How We Have Changed Their Lives!

Fresno Patient Testimonials

“I love my husband. Together we conquered the terrible two’s. We overcame difficult family members that threatened our sanity. We stood strong in the face of financial struggles, health issues and life’s little tsunamis. Most of all we survived the teenage years! Life as a foot-loose and almost free couple beckoned to us…roses and rainbows ahead.”

“THEN…my husband started snoring. Just a little, once in awhile, not every night. It was okay. I just had to roll him over and go back to sleep. HOWEVER, then it wasn’t so okay because someone started sleeping on the sofa…that someone concluded it was time to buy a new bed for the other room…It was a sad day, the day we realized we had become a two bedroom couple…”

“BUT we received a miracle!!! The miracle was Dr. Karahadian and his snoring appliance!!! Ever since that little thing entered our bedroom, there has been no snoring!!! NONE!!! From the very first night!!!”

“We truly have conquered life’s challenges together and thanks to my husband’s willingness to spend the money and try the appliance, he is sleeping better than ever, waking up rested and ready for the day. I cannot encourage you enough to let Dr. Karahadian bring you a wonderfully peaceful and restful sleep.”

– Ann

Thank you Drs! My husband’s snoring was enough to keep me from sleeping, but his long periods of not breathing at all, and then gasping for breath kept me on edge throughout the night. After you helped him with his sleep device, the gasping is gone, his breathing is quiet and I am able to sleep knowing he isn’t in distress! Miracle!!!

- Allison

I have worn Dr. Karahadian’s snoring appliance for many years. I am completely satisfied, as is my wife since the nighttime ‘chain saw’ ran out of fuel!

- Bob

I used to suffer from second hand snoring. My husband Tom would not allow me to fall asleep or would wake me from a good night’s sleep. This went on for several years, until Dr Karahadian fitted him with a snoring appliance. Now I am able to have a full nights rest.

- Angela

Dr. Karahadian’s snoring appliance has given me many good nights of sleep. My husband no longer snores and therefore I get a full night of sleep. He doesn’t mind wearing it so it is a good thing he decided to be fitted for the device. The only time I lose sleep is when he forgets to wear it!!

- Rose Marie

My wife kept telling me that I snored horribly but I didn’t believe her until I heard a recording of myself. I was amazed at how I sounded and gasped for air once in a while. Since Dr Karahadian fit me with the appliance I don’t snore at all. It is comfortable and easy to apply every night. Thank you Dr. Karahadian!

- Bret

I want to thank you for solving my husband’s chronic snoring. I am finally sleeping through the night. I make sure he wears the appliance at home or wherever we go. I want to thank Dr. Karahadian for helping both of us enjoy a great night’s sleep.

- Laraye