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Do you snore? Has your sleep partner moved out of your bed because of the noise? Do you think you might have nighttime breathing problems? Has your spouse told you are gasping for air? Do you have a CPAP machine but have trouble using it? Fresno Snoring & Sleep Therapy can help.

In fact, our dental sleep apnea and snoring solutions are so easy to use and so subtle, they are even bringing couples back together.

I suffered from SPS* *Snoring Partner Syndrome

Do you suffer from SPS? I did… and so do millions of others. SPS, also known as Snoring Partner Syndrome, could ruin your life without proper treatment. They have been treating SPS by stopping snoring and sleep apnea for over a decade. They helped me and they can help you too.

Sleep in the Same Room Again!

This is a very important aspect of snoring and sleep apnea treatment and one that is sometimes overlooked. Many couples have lost the joy and satisfaction of sleeping comfortably in the same bed, or even the same room, because the gasping, choking and wheezing associated with snoring and sleep apnea. That leads to a pretty unhappy choice: either both bed partners suffer from the dangerous effects of sleep deprivation, or they sleep separately. We offer another choice – restful quiet nights right beside each other.

Fresno Snoring & Sleep Therapy has been bringing rest, health – and togetherness – to sleepers with unique and innovative dental sleep disorder treatments for over a decade. We are experienced in identifying and treating sleep disorders, and offer several different devices depending on your needs. Our doctors have been assisting with sleep disorder breathing problems in the Central Valley since 1999.

If you are tired of suffering with snoring or sleep apnea, or if your CPAP is gathering dust instead of helping you breathe, browse this informational website and read a few of our patient testimonials. We want to help you sleep better!

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