Do you get up to go to the bathroom many times each night?  If you do, your sleep and rest are suffering from repeated awakenings, leading to fatigue during the day.  Many studies have proven that sleep apnea sufferers take more trips to the bathroom at night than adults without sleep apnea.  The reason is that when a person is struggling to breath in their sleep, stretching pressure is applied to the heart muscle, which responds by producing a chemical that tells the bladder to void.  Essentially the heart is  tricked into thinking that there is too much fluid in the body, but really it is just the pressure from trying to get adequate air into the lungs during sleep.

Once sleep apnea is properly treated, most people notice a significant reduction in their nighttime trips to the bathroom!  Call us at 559-449-7667  in Fresno if you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss this or other sleep apnea/snoring related issues.