Helping Fresno Patients Stop Snoring, Sleep Better AND Lose Weight

Did you know that being overweight increases your risks of having snoring problems and sleep apnea?  And that sleep apnea also increases your risk of being overweight?  Yes, these issues are directly connected to each other

Scientists have found that living with sleep apnea alters certain hormone levels in our body that control our urge to eat.  One hormone, ghrelin, increases our hunger level and is overproduced in patients with sleep apnea.  Another, leptin, acts as an appetite suppressant, and is underproduced in patients with apnea. Changes in the normal levels of these two hormones leads to an increased urge to overeat.

Also, without healthy sleep, fatigue sets in and leaves the person too tired to exercise, leading to more weight gain.

Once healthy sleep breathing has been restored, hormone levels can right themselves, lessening the urge to overeat.  With the increased energy levels that come with good sleep, exercise becomes fun again, leading to more weight loss.  It’s a Win/Win!

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